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They lie about the delivery date and also try to take advanage of first time buyers. i would stay clear from them there managment is no good.

they just want you to have every thing ready but when it come to them to have there part lined up they have exuses. i have been waiting for my house for about three months and it just came in and now the people that have to fix the inside have other houses lined up in front of me but the palm harbor said they didnt. when i asked them i guess just to shut me up they said that and also they said it might take another week mabey to come out to finish the inside. and also the air air condition guy still takes another week to come out and connect the air..

they sould have every thing lined up.

there not organized at all... SHOULD OF STAYED WITH CLAYTON HOMES.

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Van, Wales, United Kingdom #206814

If you read your contract Ricky Lo, it says the delivery date is an estimated date and can change at any time. Every date given is an estimate, there is never a guaranteed date given, and things can come up beyond control of anyone. Can you tell god to hold off on the rain so they can deliver and set up your home?


We too were not happy with our Palm Harbor Dealer in Florida. Then we found out that you could buy directly through an internal office called Palm Harbor Marketing.

Ed Hamill runs it for the company and he goes out of his way to make sure issues get resolved... it was not perfect, but it was definately better than what I have read here...

If you buy in Florida, talk to Ed first! He is a straight shooter.


Tom is a *** lier, who works for palm Harbor. We are glad you had such a wonderful experience lieing about your imaginary home. We all got *** over by these ripoff artists.

Van, Wales, United Kingdom #114976

When I bought my Palm Harbor they told me it would take about 4 months from start-to-finish and it ended up only taking 3 months. I am VERY happy and will buy from them again as I am moving to the Pacific NW.


we bought a new home from palm harbor in august 2007,we also paid an extra $15,000 to have extra features put in.from the time they set it up to todays date everything from kitchen sink,toliets,walls,tiles,ect,and more is falling apart.we called them to come and repair things,they would come out look at them and tell us they would be back,they never fixed or came back.this is our retirement home,$80,000 later and it isn't worth ***.we would never recommend them to anyone.they take your money and run,go out of business and nothing gets done.

Van, Wales, United Kingdom #112556

you should check out all the pissed off consumers on clayton's almost twice as long as palm harbor was told it takes anywhere between 90 to 145 days to move into your home...least thats what I was told

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