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We purchased our home in 2006. Since then we have had to pay electricians to fix fire hazards with the electrical, Fix the roof 3 times, The siding was not installed correctly and now needs to be replaced along with the walls.

The walls are built to substandard codes and need to be replaced. The water lines are made from a non potable form of PETN which are going to have to be replaced to stop poisoning my family. The walls are built using 1x2 studs the law requires 2x4. The sheet rock is 1/4 inch instead of 1/2 required by law. The roof sheeting was glued not nailed and was 1/4 OCB instead of 1/2 inch plywood required by law!

The supposed wall and ceiling insulation is non existent!

The Company when asked if they were going to abide by there warranty and Customer Complete Satisfaction Gaurantee said get an Attorney!

To fix and bring this home up to code it is going to cost us $22,000 we paid 129,000 for it! Anyone know a good Attorney?

Product or Service Mentioned: Palm Harbor Homes Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $598.

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Builder guy, maybe you can tell me WHO in the state of Florida will help this person, since I have bought a substandard home here in Oregon. The state building code division?

I've already contacted my state senator, so we will see.

Further, it's much less egregious to "trash" someone on here than it is to see someone a dangerous and substandard home, so before you castigate tkellday, maybe you ought to try calling your customer service department and pretend to be a complainant. See how your company treats people like dirt.

Van, Wales, United Kingdom #251811

The claims that you are making are outrageous. All factory built homes are built to a code and they are inspected in all phases of production.

If you have the problems you claim the State of Florida would stand behind you against the manufacturer. Have you called them?

I suspect not. It's much easier to trash someone on the internet while hiding behind a screen name.

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