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Finally got through mold remediation.These are the pictures of my home.

This is the type of quality you get when you purchase a palm harbor. These ripoff artists told me the interior would be fine, and just sprayed the affected area with bleach water,and painted over the area. We told them we would like someone to come out and inspect behind the walls for mold and as you see, that never happened.

After three attempts to fix the leak, they basicly gave up and told us to contact our insurance company to fix the problem.That's the type of after service you receive once they take your money and run!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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So glad I did my research on palm harbor homes it was to good to be true...I will build my own home instead ty you to everyone who took the time to warn others. . I'm so very sorry the family's had to go through all this hardship


Well here's one for you.After doing anything and everything possible to lower my $400+ electric bill (during the summer in Texas), including putting in solar screens and asking 2 contractors to look under my house, my husband just found out we have INCOMPLETE DUCTS.

They didn't put any metal casing duct work in. So all the air from the air conditioner has been cooling the underside of the home. And, because the home is older (13 years) I was asked, "You've had this for 10 years and you're just now contacting us?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What person is going to tear open their belly paper to see if the have duct work.

Yeah Lady. It was visible from the getgo and we just let it go.

Now we have no recourse because the home is obviously not under warranty and PH has filed Chapter 11.Gee, imagine my surprise!


I love my floor plan....I just want the *** thing to be RIGHT. Why is that so hard to get?


You obviously have never filed a complaint with the bbb. Beside blogging seems too be working out for me, I've obviously hit a nerve!!! :grin


If all so bad, how come BBB gives them the top A+ rating? Have you filed a complaint with BBB? If not, you might find that more helpful then bloging.


HA :p


Have you ever wondered why the background on the Palm Harbor sign is yellow? Because they sell lemons. :grin


I too own a PH home and we have had nothing but problems, roof leaking, wall cracking at marriage lines, pantry shelves falling down because the are installed using hot glue instead of nails (this is in all cabinets) you get water the wood finishes and even though you wipe the water off the finish comes off.when we bought the PH Home we were handed the GK and here is your home we asked to do a walk though they said it was already done by them, WE did not have the chance to do a walk through with PH Rep, they gave us the keys and LEFT say if we find anything wrong make a list within 5 days and send it to the service center.

they fixed some of the items but we were left to fix the rest ourselves, and the repair we did ourselves was done better than what they did - some quality.If I had to do it over again I would never NEVER choses a palm harbor to live in or live near a PH :upset


:grin Well, brad for a former Palm Harbor employee, you sure do sound pretty brain washed.I assure you my porblems with my home have nothing to do with me, and every thing to do with palm harbors incompitants, and shity quality.

If Palm harbor builds such a quality product, then why did my roof leak from day one. Why does only one marriage line in the living room continuously keep cracking. Why do they glue shelves and tile on with hot glue. Your accountable systimatic approach to solving problems, is to blame the customer.

Take responsability for the piece of *** you people build, stop passing the buck to the customer.If you people are not careful, I will pay for a billboard to be put up in town with pictures of this moldy lemon lime peice of *** you sold me, warrning people not to buy Palm Harbor.


Incidently Brad, did you really ascertain if a customer complaint was real or did you just go with that notion ? You got to be kidding about the GM rite? they have more GM turnover than Burger King has fry cooks.

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