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This home has been an absolute nightmare!Constant roof leaks, craking and falling plaster through out as well.

I have a stack of rework orders an inch thick and there will be more to come as the last repairs are failing again!

I have been round and round with corporate, their service department and the village I bought the home home from.....Sales man was nightmare I should have stopped right then and there.....

I recomend you purchase a travel trailer before you buy from this company!I've had it since new in 2003 and its been nothing but under constant repair since the first day I moved in!

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #202896

My Palm Harbor Home is a 1996 model. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Palm Harbor states...

"When you choose a Palm Harbor home, you own a beautiful home built with the highest quality construction materials and craftsmanship for strength, durability, energy efficiency, value and peace of mind.

We know you want an attractive, comfortable and well-built home that is a good value and provides a lifetime of enjoyment with family and friends. Our SmartPlus Construction is the answer.

Better Built Homes for More Satisfied Customers.

For almost 30 years, Palm Harbor Homes has been committed to creating a building system that delivers strong, durable, attractive, energy efficient factory built homes in a whole new way. SmartPlus Construction, Palm Harbor's unique building system, enables us to deliver home after customized home that completely satisfies each homeowner". which I haven't had 'peace of mind' in years. I would not recommend a Palm Harbor Home to anyone. When you state 'strength and durability' to need to stand by your words. Palm Harbor doesn't stand by anything. I am now waiting on an insurance check to repair my home from water damage. The lines in between the walls...just burst and started leaking. In all 3 bathrooms ... within days of each other. I have $25,000.00 plus dollars worth of damamge to my home. The homes are 'eye candy' when you are shopping around...but deceiving (behind) where...

:( :(

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I too have a similar story.I bought my home in 2003, it was produced in their medofrd oregon plant.

Aside from the contractor they picked acutlly going out of business and starting an new one right after he finished my install, the house was not leveled properly, and within the first year the master bath shower broke. I called to get warrenty after three weeks they called back to tell me that someone came out while i was not home and determine it wasnt warrenty related damage. How could it not be the shower aside from being a ridiculous piece of garbage was also not installed correctally causing the pan to break because it has no under support.

The salesman told me everything in this house would be code 2x4 beams with 16" centers and electrical and plumbing to code. NOTHING IS ANY FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

I have a contractor out now who came to fix the tub in the other bathroom (thats right it broke too). No access to the drain plumbing, 1.5x 3" studs at 22 inches off center, and the electrical cables run right behind the exterior siding, not through the studs and no moisture barrier of anykind. I am also having an electrician come and add two more circuits to the electrical panel because the cicuits are all very light, and overloaded. There is a printer hookded up and everytime it powers up to print a page lights blink in three rooms.

ASide from this I have also had to replace; 5 light fixtures that the wires fused and burnt out, both...

And of course since the studs were not a standard size i had to custom order special door frames from chehalis.My list goes on, if i cant join a class action suite, I may just write a book about my experiance.

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Purchased a 2006 model, numerous problems and they told me it was an "Installation problem"

Installation was a major part of the purchase.I am dumb founded how they are still in business.

I have faith a class action suite will arise, even if I have to start it myself! did the ground settle?

wtf?low life pieces of ***.


did the ground settle?


Your story sounds all too familiar.Our home was purchased in 2003 as well, and has been a nightmare ever since.

My advice to you would be to find a reliable contractor to fix the problem, and wash your hands with ph.

They have no intention of fixing the problem correctly.That's just how they do business.

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