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Quick Summary of Problems: F.Y.I. 2006 Model A) Roof lasted 9 years. B) Interior ceiling has to be painted throughout due to roof leaking. C) Exterior siding is going....soft spots easily seen. D) Interior bathroom cabinets never painted. What I got was raw OSB board. E) Toilets are great.....if you stand about 4' tall! They are similiar in size to what you see at a day care facility for children. F) I have flow thru... Read more

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Palm harbor ignored our calls to do the repairs on our home untill after the one year deadline and then told us to call AAA. American Abritration ***. is now going to handle our case for a fee. This is a crock , palm harbor does poor work and I have to pay to get it fixed,maybe. And it appears that AAA works for palm harbor.

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1 Won't answer direct questions. None. 2 Just asks for credit score. One liner emails. I feel I am talking to a wall. 3 We have no credit issue, but still got no reply after days of waiting in between emails. 4 Never even bothers to ask first if we are already approved with a lender. 5 Will not answer simple question about modular home pricing range. 6 Will not answer if home pricing range even falls within our pre-approved home loan with our... Read more

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I am so sorry that many of you are having such problems with your Pearl Harbor Home. We moved into our home in 2010. One kitchen cabinet door hinge broke and honestly we just have never fixed it. About a month ago we had the a/c maintained and that cost us about $300. The house has settled in and we have a few cracks where the wall meets the ceiling. After six years that is the only problems we have had, thank goodness. My advise to each of... Read more

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Well palm harbor homes does not want any business they will run u around and not give u a straight answer then u tell them if they dont wanna give u a *** straight answer that u will go somewhere else and they tell u 2 go somewhere else then call u girl names and tells me 2 get english lessons like its goin 2 hurt my fillers I dont think Eddie small should be even employed there share please And then he made fun of my dad dieing what a *** Read more

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After heavy rain, wind and hail storm water filled electrical ceiling fixture in the master bathroom. Insurance suggested by Palm Harbor refuses to pay. They say there is no roof damage. Not responsible for rain that comes through ridge vents or other vents on house. Palm Harbor says not liable unless cause prior to bankruptcy which occured within 2 years of purchase in 2011. I had to pay for a patch and vent replacement to try to stop leak. Now... Read more

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brand new the ac does not work, rude people handling complaints,brand new and 2 days without ac in summer in fla, poor workmanship, no problem taking your money, when calling customer service they blame you, calling gets you no where because they have your money,i called with complaints and when they do send people they blame you,for the kind of money they charge they can at least be courteous,the people sent out are in a hurry and its the same... Read more

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Palm Habor Home's in San Antonio has bad customer service,& the general manager is a liar & very dissresctful (Garrison) please n e 1 take my advice & dont deal with Palm Habor....

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Palm Harbor Homes - Rain Rain C'mon in to my Palm Harbor Home
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Raining outside and raining inside my 2014 Palm Harbor Park Model. "Oh, you're out of warranty, but here's a $100 so you will go away." At the end of the second year of owning this GEM, here comes the rain dripping out of the 2 recessed light housings upstairs in the loft. Called their Millersburg office to find out what the deal is and what if anything would they do to remedy. You're out of warranty but here's $100 and a recommendation as to... Read more

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Dealt with Plant city location. They will not get my business. Homes were beautiful but very overpriced. On a Friday we went to see the homes but was stuck in traffic. At 5:10 I called the office to let them know that we were around the corner & wanted to see a home. We were told "Im leaving soon & dont have time. Unless you have $2500 & are signing a contract today then you will just have to come another day". The next day we went... Read more

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