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Palm Habor Home's in San Antonio has bad customer service,& the general manager is a liar & very dissresctful (Garrison) please n e 1 take my advice & dont deal with Palm Habor.... Add comment

100% FULL

Palm Harbor Homes - Rain Rain C'mon in to my Palm Harbor Home
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Raining outside and raining inside my 2014 Palm Harbor Park Model. "Oh, you're out of warranty, but here's a $100 so you will go away." At the end of the second year of owning this GEM, here comes the rain dripping out of the 2 recessed light housings upstairs in the loft. Called their Millersburg office to find out what the deal is and what if anything would they do to remedy. You're out of warranty but here's $100 and a recommendation as to... Read more

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Dealt with Plant city location. They will not get my business. Homes were beautiful but very overpriced. On a Friday we went to see the homes but was stuck in traffic. At 5:10 I called the office to let them know that we were around the corner & wanted to see a home. We were told "Im leaving soon & dont have time. Unless you have $2500 & are signing a contract today then you will just have to come another day". The next day we went... Read more

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Rather live in a shed. After attempting to do a remodel on my 18 x 80, found shortcuts and just cheap junk in my home. Besides the crappy plumbing and light duty electrical wire, inferior materials in walls and floor, and as if thats not enough, no room or wall is square. impossible to re-panel any wall in the house unless lumber is added. Actually after going into my hom, it looks like it was built out of scraps. What a junkpile from a supposed... Read more

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Do not purchase a home from them.... We purchased in 2013 and have had nothing but problems with it. AC unit has had a problem every year so far. Roof is not leaking every time it rains. Called the Seguin office and they state its not under warranty, probably from the heavy rain and shifting. Our home was put on concrete liners to prevent that. Not to mention the ice machine went out within a year on the refridgerator. For anyone thinking of... Read more

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The are a joke!!!! I maid an opp with rodrek cause I wanted to make sure he would have time for me when I got there. He assured me he would have time for me. I got there Walked in ready to put a large down payment on a home. My wife and I set in his office for 45 min. An I don't even know we're he was at so we walked out.... Very very poor service . The think your time don't matter... Add comment

I went to Palm Harbor located on 410 & 90 and they were so nice in the beginning. I specifically told Matt and Rick I wanted a home that was priced less than the 52,000 that I was quoted at another company and specifically told them that I have money to put down which was 35% since my credit is not good. I was shown 3 homes and the last one, I liked. When we went back to the office, the price quoted was only 500.00 difference from the other... Read more

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iT sounds like the our experience is about the same. it has been over 90 days and we are not in yet, waiting on the water sample from the well , has to be taken from in the kitchen. I thought we were testing the well not the kitchen. Could not have well tested until water was hooked up to the kitchen , WHAT A JOKE, I ALWAYS HAD THE WELL TESTED, THE WELL HAS BEEN HOOKED UP FOR A MONTH , but not to the house , which been setting their for almost a... Read more

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My husband and I just left your Mesquite location. The salesman was so rude we looked at two homes and left. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in his bones. He has less than three years to live. Our dream has been to move to the country. We thought a large palm harbor home would be a great solution. I do own land in Commerce, Tx, but we thought we would be as close as we could to our children, who live in Allen, Tx. When we started... Read more

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100% FULL

Having to roof my Palm Harbor, so far the roofers have had to replace 7 sheets of osb due to moss damage. I can handle that, what I can't handle is the next 9 sheets that are being replaced today because of the POOR quality of workmanship at their factory. Since there is a way to show you what is missing from the roof and I'm just shoiwing you one of the 2 that are missing would and should be a warning for all to stay away from the company. ... Read more

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